Requesting Photo Pass Approval as "Photo Bakery"

If you've arrived at this page, you've likely been sent a link associated with a request for a photo credential for a concert or festival.

The main question: 

Why request a credential as Photo Bakery, instead of through a single outlet?

Photo Bakery is focused on producing great images, and has standing relationships with a number of outlets.  When seeking credentials to photograph a concert or festival, the benefit of being credentialed through Photo Bakery is that Jim can offer to several outlets simultaneously, increasing the potential coverage for the show from a single photographer.

Currently, Photo Bakery will offer to all of the following outlets unless requested not to by the party approving the credential:

  • Getty Images, via the Film Magic brand.  Jim became a contributing photographer for Film Magic following the dissolution of Corbis Images.  He can provide images to Film Magic (Getty) for worldwide licensing.
  • Rolling Stone.  Jim has been a contributing photographer to Rolling Stone since 2013, and can provide a selection of images for consideration to the online and print editors for various uses by the storied outlet.
  • Napster Music Service (formerly Rhapsody).  Napster, based in Seattle, runs images of live performances on their social media with the intent to drive traffic to bands' music on the subscription service.

Jim is also in contact with a variety of other outlets from prior work (including Spin, Billboard, Ice Cream Man, American Songwriter, Kerrang!, Mojo, and a variety of others).  Upon request, he can also reach out to contacts at other publications to inquire about usage.